7 Key Things You Need to Know About Soccer

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Soccer is a sport in which two opposing teams compete with a round ball (according to FIFA rules) on a rectangle-shaped field divided into four distinct areas. The two opponents compete to score by putting a ball into a goal. 

Soccer has grown in popularity just like the best online casino over the last few decades to the point where there are hundreds (if not thousands) of clubs and leagues worldwide. 

Today soccer is one of the most popular and loved sports on the planet. This is why soccer-themed online casino games are extremely popular, and they come in different forms and features.

In this article, you will learn seven key things you need to know about soccer.  

1. The Soccer Field and Time Vary 

A soccer field’s size varies. A regulation field is about 110 yards long by 70 yards wide, with each goal 8 yards wide and high. Many leagues, however, use shortened fields for games, which allows for less running for players and more space for scoring opportunities. 

The standard soccer time is 90 minutes(45 for each half). However, depending on the professionalism of the league, this can sometimes be rescheduled. For example, in a children’s league, games may last 60 minutes or less. 

2. A Soccer Player Can Run Up to Seven Miles a Game 

Did you know that some soccer players can outperform your favorite athletes in terms of scoring? The website nytimesdaily.com reports that 

The number of miles a soccer player travels is determined by their energy level, age, and field size; this is why soccer is an excellent sport for those looking to get some exercise. 

The best thing about soccer is that you can become an athlete at any age. There are always new people joining teams and getting involved in this great sport, from the very young to the very old. 

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3. Soccer Players Have to Have a High Level of Fitness to Play Well 

If you play soccer unfit, you can experience injuries and other problems during the game, such as cramps or soreness. 

Fitness helps soccer players with endurance, so they can play the entire game without any problems when it comes to playing the full 90 minutes or more, depending on how long their games last each time they play against another team. 

4. You Cannot Use Your Hands Except for Throw-Ins 

When the ball is on the ground, you cannot touch it with your hands or arms (except for throw-ins).  

If a player touches the ball with their hands or arms in their box the opponent will receive a penalty kick and a free kick if the handball is outside the box.  

The only time you can touch the ball with your hands or arms is when you return it to play after it has gone out of bounds (this is called a throw-in). This allows players to keep control of the ball while moving toward their goal, preventing them from accidentally losing possession. 

5. Pele the Greatest  

Pele is regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time.  Edson Arantes do Nascimento is Pele’s full name, and he is known as “The King of Football.”

His father gave him the nickname because he was said to kick so hard as a baby that he could move around inside his mother’s womb. 

Pele won three World Cups while playing for Santos (1958, 1962, and 1970). He was also named FIFA World Player of the Year three times and was inducted into the FIFA Hall of Fame in 1971. 

Pele Mural In Brazil
A mural of Pelé in his hometown of Santos, Brazil. Getty Images/Amanda Perobelli

6. Ronaldo and Messi are the ‘GOATs” 

Ronaldo and Messi are two of the world’s highest-paid soccer players. According to Forbes, Ronaldo earns up to $120 million, while Messi up to $97 million yearly.  

These two players have been at the top of their games for years, dominating their respective leagues since they were teenagers.  

They both hold numerous records and have won numerous prestigious football awards. 

Messi Ronaldo

7. FIFA World Cup 

The World Cup is the world’s largest single-event sporting competition. This tournament features teams from all over the world. 

Other major tours include: 

  • The UEFA Champions League is played between top European teams.   
  • The UEFA Europa League is similar to the Champions League but for countries that aren’t part of UEFA (European Union).   
  • The Copa America.
World Cup


You now have a good understanding of the fundamentals of soccer if you are new to the game. 

As you can see, soccer is all about the goals and the team with the most wins. Furthermore, there are numerous shots, but they are constantly inventing new skills in the game. 

Pele, Ronaldo, and Messi are two of the most well-known soccer players. 

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