What’s The Best Option to Beat the Bookies in Soccer Betting??

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Everyone wishes to have a magic trick that could win lots of soccer bets. While betting, you have to beat bookies to win. There are certain strategies and soccer tipsters that can help you in doing so.  

Bookies are available online these days. These are the betting services that offer lots of bets to stake money on. Their source of income is the stake amount bettors put on the bets.

Hence, they have several strategies that put them at advantage. It takes considerable experience and practice to win over the house advantage enjoyed by the bookies. Also, the following habits may prove advantageous. 

1. Register with multiple bookies 

There is no limit to how many bookies you can register with. However, it is better not to have more than 5-to 6 bookies on your list at a time. Having an account with multiple bookies allows you to have a heady mix of the odds prices available.

The bettors can take home multiples of earnings if the bet is available at different odds prices across the platforms. Also, they may choose to favor as well as to oppose the bet on two different bookmakers, which allow a bettor to scoop earnings irrespective of the house advantage. 

2. Search for value bets 

When a bookmaker misreads the situation or its algorithm is not equipped to gauge situational factors, you may find the odd quite ‘oddly valued’. Some bettors add the house advantage and inflate the odds of the bet. It works in the bettor’s favor when the match’s statistics and odd price are out of sync. This additional value added to the bet offers a way to beat bookies and make more money from the soccer bet.  

3. Pay attention to the underdog as well 

Bookies decide the favorites and underdogs. However, the favorites may not always be having the upper hand at the bet. Chances of a team winning a soccer match are dependent on the fitness of the players, absence or presence of key players, their tuning with the coach and managers, etc.  

The punters can analyze the live situation on the ground to make a final opinion. A few very interesting upsets in the tournament can make the punter richer than before. Since the bookmakers price the odd in the favor of an underdog at a higher rate, bettors enjoy higher returns too. 

4. Bet on the basis of numbers 

Numbers tell a lot about the current situation of the team. The bettors may have their all-time favorite, but that should stay restricted to the personal room only. When you are out in the field and staking real money, you have to adopt an unbiased approach.  

Mostly, the bookies do the same. They assign low odds to the teams that have been the winner in the previous editions of the event. It may not be the right indicator of what to expect in the current event. Other teams may be highly motivated, more equipped, and more trained to get the honor. Thus, you study loopholes in the bookies’ reading and capitalize on them.

5. Learn about sure bet conditions 

Sure bets deliver earnings to punters irrespective of the match’s outcome. If the two teams are given considerably different odds, say hypothetically, 2 and 5, on two different sites, you may choose to favor and lay the bet on these platforms. In any eventuality of the match, the punter will pocket a decent earning. Hence, it is ideal for staying in the betting game and keeping profit inflow constant. 

6. Make the best of the low-priced odds 

Bookies take care while pricing odds. They try to manage losses by pricing obvious matches at a low rate. Hence, you can identify such confirmed bets by reading all statistics, facts, and news surrounding the upcoming match. Mostly, you will end up making small profits. You may choose to bet on such odds at multiple sites. It can club small earnings for you. 

7. Learn about matched betting 

Bookies offer a variety of incentives to punters. A free bet is one of those attractions. The bettors can take advantage of the free bet. They can back the free bet if the chances are high and lay it on another site where it is low-priced. Thus, the overall investment comes out to be quite low.

The bettors can choose this strategy to beat bookies and make money from soccer betting. However, do pay attention to the fact whether the bookie is giving returns in the form of cash in the account or not, else you may end up making more investments and less profit. 

8. Go for live betting 

Live betting goes all through the soccer match. These bets are very low-priced and are flashed for smaller periods. Mostly, these include predictions of what will happen in upcoming moments during the match. Bookies are not at many advantages in these bets because both the punters and bookies are at the same level of research. Hence, the chances of winning by beating bookies are high.  

Since the live bets are entirely dependent on the most current situations occurring in a match, the bettors don’t have lots of records to analyze. Often, you will find these bets low-priced, hence smaller earnings help boost confidence. 

9. Compete in less-known markets 

Less-known markets include those sports which are not much followed. Since the bookies, too, don’t have ample expertise in such sports, it helps bettor take on the house advantage.  

The punters can benefit from the limited information and may hope to have a better edge in sports that have just started to get attention. It is one of the proven ways to beat bookies. 

10. Take tipster advice 

Tipsters can tell the predictions which are the closest to accuracy. Their winning records can tell punters about their mastery in various types of soccer bets. The punters can buy the tips and also get information on where to bet for better profits. Thus, you can beat the bookies by teaming with the best football tipsters


There is always a scope for winning against the bookies. All you require is a critical eye and a better knowledge of sports.

Once you get into the grind, you may find various loopholes and opportunities to cash. With practice, you can understand how to beat bookies and keep making small profits constantly. 

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